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Who We Are:

Since 1947, Saratoga County Children’s Committee (SCCC) has been working year-round to serve the needs of children of Saratoga County. SCCC is a volunteer organization without paid staff, and nearly 100% of the monetary donations are spent to provide relief to local children in need. Each request is handled on a case by case basis and in a timely manner.

The generosity of our community and “friends” within it, has allowed us to grow and serve over 1,000 children each year - from emergency and basic needs to school supplies, clothing, holiday gifts and much more. We work alongside local agencies, school counselors, and individual social workers.


As the needs of children vary due to their unique and specific circumstances, so do our programs, which span across every season and focus on where assistance is most needed. SCC provides necessary relief in emergency situations, in addition to our set programs. Filling these requests, each distinct in their own way, swiftly and efficiently is what makes SCCC unique.  

We are proud to partner with the following local agencies: Domestic Violence, EOC, Family Matters, ICM, Franklin Community Center/Project Lift, Saratoga Early Intervention, Saratoga Mental Health, Social Services, Mechanicville Community Center, Mechanicville Domestic Violence, New Meadow, Saratoga Springs Schools, Schuylerville Schools, Ballston Spa Schools, Corinth Schools, Stillwater Schools

Our History:

Saratoga County Children’s Committee was founded in 1947 shortly after World War II. Miss Jean Barr began her career as a social worker for the Saratoga County Social Services Department. That same year, Jean created the Empty Stocking Project. As a social worker, she saw the need to provide holiday gifts to underprivileged children in Saratoga Springs. Other women who were instrumental in establishing the Empty Stocking Project were Philly Dake, Elizabeth Foy, Alice Reeves, Mildred Rockwell, Carol Serotta and Jane Wait.

During the first few years, they provided gifts to the orphans and needy children in The Hawley Home for Children in Saratoga Springs. In 1986, Jean was quoted in the Saratogian, “We started very small, with just a few. Then we just kept spreading the word and each year it got bigger.” Jean said she never saw the children opening up their gifts. She didn’t need to. “Personally, I was grateful that people would open up their pockets and hearts,“ she said.

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