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Special Requests

Our agencies contact us with special requests. Some examples are bedding, clothing, baby equipment, shoes, sneakers, and prom gowns. We also provide help for a budding musician, promising ballerina, and a future athlete.


The SNACpack Program

SNACpack (Saratoga Nutrition Assistance for Children) is an organization that provides child-friendly food for children grades K-12 in the Saratoga Springs School District who are considered "chronically hungry." 

The Saratoga County Children's Committee's partnership allows for programs such as graduation gifts for Saratoga seniors. 



Each summer, we sponsor numerous kids to attend local day camps and sleep-away camps. We've supported campers for Camp Saradac, The Franklin Community Center, Saratoga Mentoring, Gavin Park and the YMCA.  


Special sponsorships have included horseback riding, dance, and music camps. Our contributions to these agencies grow each year.


Back to School Program

Coordinating with local agencies including - Lifeworks, Saratoga Mentoring, Franklin Community Center, Saratoga Mental Health, as well as our elementary, middle and high schools, we provide back packs, school supplies, calculators, clothing, shoes and basic toiletries to local children and teens. Our goal is to equip the students with the required school supplies they need. In doing so, we hope to empower the students and encourage a positive beginning of a new academic year.

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