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The Saratoga County Children’s Committee (SCCC) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to assisting the children of Saratoga County and beyond with the belief that each child needs to know someone cares. The generosity of our community and “friends” within it, has allowed us to grow and serve over 1,000 children each year - from emergency and basic needs to school supplies, clothing, holiday gifts and much more. We work alongside local agencies including The Franklin Community Center, Lifeworks, Saratoga Mental Health, Saratoga Early Intervention, Wellspring, school counselors, and individual social workers.


The generosity and dedication to helping truly needy students and families is such a blessing in our school community! The thoughtfulness and care that goes into providing for each student is truly special.  

- Deanna Sargent, LCSW, Stillwater Elementary School

Having the connection of this agency to our school, allows our school - and in particular me, the School Social Worker, a very powerful and helpful resource to our families and parents.  It is often the beginning of a positive relationship between parent and school that starts with The Saratoga Children's Committee.    I am very thankful to be part of all the good they do for our community, our county and our children.  


- Kerry Giumarra, LMSW, School Social Worker, Corinth Elementary School 

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